Daddy Issues

An adult interactive fanfiction for the film The Bronze

Sebastian Stan as Lance Tucker

Rating: Explicit! You must be 18 years or older to read this story.

Characters: Lance Tucker, Maggie Townsend, Janice Townsend, Hope Ann Gregory (mentioned), Original Male Characters, Original Female Characters

Relationship: Lance Tucker/Maggie Townsend, Original Male Character/Original Male Character

Summary: You're a teen pregnancy statistic.

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Haley Lu Richardson as Maggie Townsend

Why interactive fanfiction and not just regular fanfiction?

To be honest, I only watched The Bronze for Sebastian Stan, and I didn’t particularly like it, so nobody is more surprised than I am that I wrote fic for it. I just felt bad for Maggie Townsend, whose only real crime was that she was naive and easily manipulated, and whose life basically got ruined as a result.

I started writing this because I wanted to, er, un-ruin it a little bit, but I was torn about how to end it.

On the one hand, as a feminist, I wanted Maggie to self-actualize, kick Lance to the curb, and build a happy and successful life for herself despite her unplanned pregnancy.

On the other hand, she's 18, pregnant, naive, and easily manipulated, so there are some realism issues to deal with if she goes all "Girl Power!" too abruptly.

Plus, writing smut is fun.

I realized what I really wanted was alternate endings, and that got me thinking about trying to create a CYOA-style story out of Maggie's future. I've been interested in learning Twine for some time, so I decided to create this interactive fanfic as an experiment, both to learn how to code in Twine and to let myself (and you) explore different alternate endings for Maggie.

The story starts out with few choices, but the options start to branch out as you get further into it. You can guide Maggie down the path to self-actualization, trap her in an unhealthy BDSM relationship with Lance, or any of several options in between.

What is the status of this story?

This story is a work in progress.

Some branches reach ends that I hope are satisfying to one degree or another, others are still incomplete. (Just use the back arrow on the left side of the screen if you run into an incomplete branch.) I hope to add more content over time and take advantage of Twine's ability to track variables to allow you, for example, to see different choices depending on how well you're getting along with different characters, personalize the sex scenes with your own preferred kinks, and other more game-like elements, but at this point I'm still planning those options.

Can you tell me more about what sort of adult content and kinks I can expect?

Spoilers ahead!

This story contains a relationship between an 18 year old gymnast and her adult coach that involves Daddy kink and bad BDSM etiquette, including lack of safewords and non-negotiated kinks that include pain play and impact play.

This behavior is treated as normal within the story because the narrator is inexperienced and unaware of correct BDSM etiquette, but at several points it crosses the line into physical and emotional abuse. Nothing in this story should be used as a guide to what a healthy BDSM relationship should look like. If you're new to BDSM yourself and want to learn more about how to practice Safe Sane and Consensual BDSM, the BDSM Wiki is one helpful starting point.

Any other warnings?

This story also contains sexist, homophobic, and fatphobic language, as well as several discussions of abortion that contain anti-abortion language and attitudes that may be upsetting for some readers. (I am personally pro-choice, but the character expressing the opinions in the story is not.)

Where can I watch The Bronze online?

It's available on Amazon Video in the US.


Daddy Issues was written in Twine, a really cool and simple to learn tool for creating interactive fiction and story games.

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